Taffy Grapes Have Become Popular in Chicago Takeout Restaurants

 - Jul 1, 2017
References: chicagotribune & thedailymeal
Diners who eat at takeout joints aren't typically the same folks who are militantly concerned with getting their daily intake of fruits and vegetables, but the latest food craze at those fried food restaurants, taffy grapes, shows that even comfort food-lovers can use a bit of roughage. To be sure, taffy grapes aren't a health food — as the name implies, they're covered in candy or frosting coating. Rather, the sweet snacks are akin to candy apples; technically it's fruit, but the doctor wouldn't recommend it for everyday consumption.

They might not be healthy, but by all accounts taffy grapes are delicious. They're typically prepared with green grapes, as that variety's tartness is a better contrast against the sweetness of the coating. The taffy grapes' coating is also normally covered with chopped nuts for added crunch.