The 'Every Last Child' Ad Depicts the Life of an Aid Worker

'Save the Children' recently teamed up with the creative agency 'Adam&EveDDB' to produce a powerful PSA called 'Every Last Child.' The ad ultimately serves as a window into the lives of international aid workers, who spend their days trying to save some of the world's poorest children.

In the ad, the viewer is put into the shoes of a humanitarian aid worker in countries such as Kenya, Bangladesh and Mexico. The ad is very gritty and captures the harsh reality of the life of an aid worker. The idea is to not romanticize the idea of humanitarianism, but rather to use a first-person perspective to convey just how dangerous and difficult the job really is. As Adam&EveDDB's managing director Mat Goff explains, "This film is gritty and breathless because it’s real."

The Every Last Child ad ultimately uses a powerful storytelling technique to reach an audience that may not comprehend the difficulty of the work Save the Child does on the ground.