This TV Spot Sympathizes Over the Frustrating Cafe Lineup

 - Mar 20, 2015
References: internationaldelight & youtube
Don't you hate it when you're waiting the a cafe line for a simple order, when somebody in front of you orders five mocha-choco-latte-chinos that will probably take half an hour to brew? It may rarely be that bad, but this is a daily frustration for many coffee shop regulars.

Naturally, a company that produces pre-made iced coffees can sympathize with your irritation, making an effective advertisement. In this International Delight iced coffee commercial, the stereotypical coffeehouse time suck is acted out with a man asking for more than beverages at once, some with special requests. A busy woman behind him checks her watch as the voice-over states that the taste of this brand's drinks in bottles and cartons go down just as fresh as café creations, and can be acquired without wasting your time.