These Hearty Breakfasts are Prepared with Turkey, Bacon and Sausage

 - Jan 21, 2016
References: goodfoodmadesimple
At the same time fresh smoothie bowls are becoming a popular choice among consumers, hearty breakfasts like these are also emerging to cater to those who prefer savory flavor profiles over sweet.

These breakfast bowls from Good Food Made Simple look more like filling lunch and dinner options, mostly because they're filled with potatoes, meat and vegetables. The savory breakfast bowls include all-natural options like Chicken Apple Sausage and Uncured Canadian Bacon, which promise to delivery fresher options than other alternatives on the market that are laden with fat and preservatives.

The hearty products are are made without chemical preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners, hydrogenated oils and other unsavory ingredients, making them quick and easy breakfast options. These hearty breakfast bowls from Good Food Made Simple are ideal for busy consumers who prioritize clean eating.