Red's Frozen Burritos Exclude GMOs, Preservatives and Antibiotics

 - Apr 4, 2016
References: redsallnatural
Red's assortment of frozen burrito products include simple ones like Bean & Cheddar and Chicken & Cheese. On these product labels, consumers won't find any hard-to-pronounce ingredients, just whole foods like brown rice, black beans and braised chicken. As well as boasting simple, all-natural ingredient lists, Red's takes pride in creating wholesome products that are free from GMOs, preservatives and antibiotics.

The newest additions to Red's collection of burritos include Organic Chicken, Cilantro and Lime, as well as the superfood-stuffed Braised Chicken with Rice, Quinoa & Sweet Potato.

Healthy frozen burrito snacks like these ones from Red's Natural Foods target a growing number of health-conscious consumers who are unwilling to compromise on quality ingredients or convenience.