This Chain is Giving Out Millions of Coupons for Free Burritos

 - Mar 17, 2016
References: & grubstreet
While Chipotle already gave out millions of free entrees back in February when it temporarily closed all of its restaurants, now the chain is giving fans another chance to get their hands on a complimentary burrito.

As part of its effort to win back its dwindling customer base, Chipotle is mailing out millions of coupons for free burritos. The company has already sent out between six and 10 million of these coupons and does not plan to stop until it has sent a total of 21 million vouchers. Each coupon entitles the holder to a complimentary burrito, provided the order is placed before May 15th.

While the idea of sending enough coupons for nearly every dozen Americans may seem drastic, the move is part of a targeted effort to win back Chipotle customers. As chief financial officer Jack Hartung explains, the idea is to get the chain's restaurants to "look like Chipotle again," instead of a series of empty stores.