- Mar 24, 2019
The March 2019 marketing concepts are created to reach out to each brand's respective audience through a number of ways. The outreach embodies a series of concepts -- this includes empowerment, inclusivity, and more. The delivery process also covers a number of mediums, translating the respective messages through packaging, visual campaigns, digital marketing, or even in-person experiences.

Kim Kardashian's recent KKW BEAUTY campaign channel the aesthetic of 'real women' and celebrate the reality that is the female body. It breaches the usual stigma of physical representation and normalizes flaws in the media, which is a process that usually goes through many filters. The campaign celebrates stretch marks, cellulite, belly rolls, and more. Absolut Drop vodka also contributes to this month's marketing tactics. It features new packaging from an angle that celebrates love and inclusivity. It ironically uses recycled glass and labels that are created from ink extracted from racist and anti-LGBTQ signage. This evokes a sense of empowerment as it creates something representative of inclusivity from a source of hate.

From Inclusive Love Vodka Packaging to Body-Celebrating Ads: