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Vending 3.0

Hi-tech features turn vending machines into interactive buying experiences

Implications - Non-traditional vending machines have become more prevalent in the retail landscape, dispensing everything from movies to underwear. The breadth of offerings from these machines has grown, and so too has the technology behind them. Now, these portable and convenient dispensers do everything from provide you with Wi-Fi and social media connectivity to item suggestions based on facial and demographic recognition software, thereby increasing the level of convenience and interactivity available to busy shoppers.
6 Featured, 33 Examples:
423,143 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Dec 11 — Oct 12
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Tweet-Enabled Treat Dispensers
Tweet-Enabled Treat Dispensers
The BEV Twitter Vending Machine Trades Hash Tags for Iced Tea
In the case of the BEV Twitter Vending machine you not only are what you eat, but also what you tweet. The machine rewards thirsty Twitter enthusiasts at Cape Town’s Wembley Square with a... MORE
Dancing Soda Dispensers
Dancing Soda Dispensers
The Coke Dance Vending Machine Rewards Participants for Dancing in Public
The new Coke dance vending machine is like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) meets Xbox’s Kinect in this awesome new ad campaign. Coca-Cola is no newcomer to memorable interactive marketing and... MORE
play_circle_filled Facial Recognition Product Dispensers
Facial Recognition Product Dispensers
Sanden Vending Machine Provides Extreme Customization
Alternative and unique vending machines are becoming the norm, and this Sanden vending machine is definitely one of the most innovative. This concept vending machine created in collaboration with Intel… MORE
Wi-Fi Drink Dispensers
Wi-Fi Drink Dispensers
Asahi Beverages Rolls Out Vending Machines That Provide Internet Access
For those living in Japan, you might never have to worry about getting a Wi-Fi signal ever again, thanks to a new line of vending machines set to be rolled out by Asahi Beverages. The company will be providing… MORE
play_circle_filled Bartering Vending Machines
Bartering Vending Machines
The Swap-O-Matic Trades Products for Recyclable Materials
Instead of taking money as a form of payment, the Swap-O-Matic vendor machine shoots out items based on the recyclable materials it receives. The Swap-O-Matic encourages green living as it promotes recycling… MORE
Internet Access Vending Machines
Internet Access Vending Machines
The Coca Cola Happiness Refill Fountain Lets You Log On
Here’s something new for people visiting Brazil’s beaches: free Internet from a Coke vending machine aptly named the Happiness Refill. Coke has installed this vending machine at one of... MORE

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Dispensing Devices Photography
Dispensing Devices Photography
The Florian Ritter 'Vending Machine' Series is Not Candy-Coated
play_circle_filled Accessible Vending Devices
Accessible Vending Devices
The Hand Cranked Vending Machine is Disaster Proof and Eco-Friendly
Marijuana Vending Machines
Marijuana Vending Machines
The ‘Autospense' Dispenses Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes
Vehicle Vending Machines
Vehicle Vending Machines
'Taxitreats' Dispenses Goods on the Go
Snuggly Soda Dispensers
Snuggly Soda Dispensers
The Coca Cola 'Hug Machine' Trades Cuddles for Free Pop
Couture Coke Containers
Couture Coke Containers
Coca Cola Tribute to Fashion Raises Money for Earthquake Victims
Fishy Food Dispensers
Fishy Food Dispensers
Spain Introduces the World's First Seafood Vending Machine
Celebrity Vending Machines
Celebrity Vending Machines
The Noodol Cafe Has Pop Stars Bring You Food
Undergarment Vending Machines
Undergarment Vending Machines
Undz Provides Easy Buying for Men's Skivvies
Internet-Enabled Soda Dispensers
Internet-Enabled Soda Dispensers
The Wi-Fi Vending Machine by Asashi Offers Free Web Access
Secret Winter Wonderland Ads
Secret Winter Wonderland Ads
The Coca-Cola Magic Machine Brings the Joy of Xmas to Visitors
play_circle_filled Discriminating Dispensers (UPDATE)
Discriminating Dispensers (UPDATE)
Kraft's iSample Experience Ensures Only Some People Get Samples
Adult Dessert Dispensers
Adult Dessert Dispensers
The Jell-O Temptations Vending Machine Yells at Children
Compact Pop Packaging
Compact Pop Packaging
The German Kapitonov 'Coca Cola Concept' is a Creative Can Revolution
Welcome Sign Vending Machines
Welcome Sign Vending Machines
The Schiphol Airport BannerXpress Creates Custom Banners
DIY Key Duplication Machines
DIY Key Duplication Machines
minuteKEY is an Accurate and Easy-to-Use Cutting Device
play_circle_filled Cigarette Eating Machines
Cigarette Eating Machines
Quitters Unite Guerilla Marketing Campaign in Vancouver
Sharp-Toothed Vending Machines
Sharp-Toothed Vending Machines
The Goodie Monster Vending Machine Feeds Alternative Appetites
Electro Collaboration Sodas
Electro Collaboration Sodas
Daft Punk x Coca Cola Electrifies Pop with a New Look
play_circle_filled Game-Inspired Fortune-Tellers
Game-Inspired Fortune-Tellers
Kody Koala Boardwalk Cabinets Make Nintendo Toons Clairvoyants
Pop Art Music Ads
Pop Art Music Ads
The QuitoFest 2011 Campaign Asks You to Vuelve el Rock (Rock Again)
100 Alternative Vending Machines
100 Alternative Vending Machines
From Robotic Soft Serve Clerks to Twilight Novel Dispensers
play_circle_filled Baguette Vending Machines
Baguette Vending Machines
Jean-Louis Hecht Provides Fresh Bread Outside His Bakery at All Times
Pedal-Powered Water Dispensers
Pedal-Powered Water Dispensers
Vitaminwater Company Activate Releases a Cyclable Vending Machine
play_circle_filled Pizza Vending Machines
Pizza Vending Machines
'Let's Pizza' Cooks a Snack for Consumers in Under Three Minutes
Roadside Bike Fixers
Roadside Bike Fixers
Take Care of All Your Cycling Needs With the Bicycle Repair Station
Dish-Dispensing Campaigns
Dish-Dispensing Campaigns
Corelle Chip-Resistant Dinnerware Sold in Vending Machines
Celebratory Soda Swag
Celebratory Soda Swag
Deck Yourself Out With the Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Collection
Social Vending Machines
Social Vending Machines
Pepsi's New Vending Machines Encourage Sharing
Celebratory Pop Cans
Celebratory Pop Cans
The James Jarvis x Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Cans are Fun and Quirky
3D Refreshment Dispensers
3D Refreshment Dispensers
Coca Cola Japan Changes the Face of Vending Machines
Santa Vending Machines
Santa Vending Machines
The Muji Christmas Machine Bring Cheer and Festivity to Barcelona
Frozen Soda Stools
Frozen Soda Stools
The 111 Navy Chair is a Refreshing Design for the Summer