Kody Koala Boardwalk Cabinets Make Nintendo Toons Clairvoyants

 - Aug 27, 2011
References: kodykoala & technabob
I've never had the chance to have my fortune told by a vending machine, but if these Kody Koala boardwalk cabinets were located anywhere near where I lived, I would make daily visits. Opting to remove the cliched fortune teller, Kody Koala has instead decided to use classic Nintendo characters Mario, Wario and Elecman to deliver the good and bad news.

These Kody Koala boardwalk cabinets aren't the only quirky Nintendo creations to be found on Kody Koala's awesome Nintendo-themed website. Be sure to check out his custom-made toys, statues and even video games.

Implications - As consumers continue to age, they want to satiate their desire to remain youthful and their demand for nostalgia products increases. As such, corporations may consider releasing a line of nostalgia-inducing products as a way to garner business from customers.