The Noodol Cafe Has Pop Stars Bring You Food

The Noodol Cafe has come up with a vending machine sure to bring hundreds of people into the restaurant for more than just the food.

This crazy dispenser allows one to pick a pop star to deliver their food to them. All one must do is press a button and out comes a little ticket that tells you what you have ordered. Then, you must go up to the counter of the Noodol Cafe, present the ticket and out pops a pop star. Customers are even allowed to talk to them for three minutes while their noodles soak up the hot water.

While this invention is still only in Japan, perhaps one day it will spread to the rest of the world. Sometime in the near future Justin Beiber and Kesha may be delivering Snickers bars to customers.Photo Credits: designboom, animenewsnetwork