The Jell-O Temptations Vending Machine Yells at Children

 - Dec 26, 2011
References: usatoday & ohgizmo
The Jell-O Temptations vending machine is part of the intelligent marketing movement that will be sweeping the nation very soon. Geared towards adults, it actually yells at kids who attempt to get a free dessert from it. How does it even determine whether or not the potential costumer is a child or adult? It uses a camera that analyzes faces in order to determine people’s ages.

Developed by Intel for Kraft, the Jell-O Temptations vending machine has a "big geez whiz factor," as Ed Kaczmarek, Kraft’s director of innovation and consumer experiences, puts it. He elaborates, "We’re making certain we get the right sample to the right consumer." Currently located in the Chicago area, this pudding dispenser is sure to make a lot of grown-ups happy while traumatizing the occasional kid.