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Instant Forecast

Weather-predicting apps ensure consumers always know climate conditions

Implications - It's a fact: Americans love checking the weather. According to a study by the Online Publishing Association, 47 percent of smartphone users check the weather using their smartphones on a regular basis. This activity surpasses others such as getting news updates (29 percent) and watching videos (31 percent). Thus, by providing convenience and a more comprehensive weather forecast than traditional methods, weather applications are among those apps that are definitely here to stay.
6 Featured, 38 Examples:
112,443 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jun 12 — Sep 12
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Weather Station Smartphone Apps
Weather Station Smartphone Apps
Netatmo Will Forecast the Climate in Real-Time
Rather than flipping on your radio or television, consider using Netatmo to get the play-by-play on your local forecast. The system is designed to operate using an iPad or iPhone in conjunction with... MORE
Utilitarian Forecasting Apps
Utilitarian Forecasting Apps
Weathercube Uses Gestures to Provide Daily Visual Forecasts
Clean and fuss-free, Weathercube is a brilliantly designed gestural app that offers users a minimalist interface for looking up the daily forecast. Simply pinch, swipe and tap through the app to... MORE
Infographic Interface Weather Apps
Infographic Interface Weather Apps
The Partly Cloudy App Delivers Forecasts with Detail and Design
Created by Raureif, the Partly Cloudy app is a rare weather app that delivers all of one’s needs in terms of the weather. Better yet, this app delivers information while maintaining a sleek,... MORE
Breezy iPhone Accessories
Breezy iPhone Accessories
The Shaka Wind Monitor Analyses Air Currents
The avid sailor, windsurfer or kite-flyer needs to be kept in the loop about wind conditions and the Shaka wind monitor allows them to accurately measure the direction, intensity and temperature of... MORE
Color Gradient Meteorology
Color Gradient Meteorology
The ‘Solar’ App Displays the Weather in Real-Time Colors
A new app called ‘Solar’ was recently introduced to the App Store and it is perfect for anyone who is visually orientated and wants to know what the weather is in their areas or around the world.... MORE
Whimsical Weather Forecasters
Whimsical Weather Forecasters
The WTHR iPhone App is Simplistic and Beautifully Designed
David Elgena’s WTHR iPhone app may not be the most technologically advanced or offer one with the most bang for their buck, but it certainly is a front-runner in terms of its carefully crafted... MORE

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Old-Fashioned Photography Apps
Old-Fashioned Photography Apps
The 'Strut Type' App for iPhone is Reminiscent of a Simpler Time
play_circle_filled Pragmatic Freelancer Apps
Pragmatic Freelancer Apps
MyPrice Helps Professionals Find Clients, Set Prices and Track Expenses
play_circle_filled Magic Text-Predicting Apps
Magic Text-Predicting Apps
The Fleksy Touchscreen Keyboard can Even be Used by the Blind
Taxi-Hailing Apps
Taxi-Hailing Apps
The ZabKab App Ensures Cabs Will Come Straight to You
play_circle_filled Instagram-Inspired Video Apps
Instagram-Inspired Video Apps
The ‘OneSec App’ Records One-Second Video Memories
play_circle_filled Garbage-Reporting Apps
Garbage-Reporting Apps
TrashOut Encourages Users to Report Illegal Dumping Activities
Temporary Phone Number Apps
Temporary Phone Number Apps
The 'Burner' for iPhone App by Ad Hoc Labs is Great for Anonymity
Transparent Time Keepers
Transparent Time Keepers
The 'Chameleon Clock' for iPhone or iPad Blends In
Business Tycoon Tour Apps
Business Tycoon Tour Apps
Virgin Atlantic London City Guide Includes Richard Branson's Top Places
Religious Photobooth Apps
Religious Photobooth Apps
Ordain Thyself Lets You See Yourself as a Leader of Any Faith
Weather-Based Clothing Sites
Weather-Based Clothing Sites
The Wevther Website Helps Users Find the Perfect Outfit
Weather-Altering Budget Stats
Weather-Altering Budget Stats
The Smart Summer Spending Infographic Reveals Insightful Tips
Weather-Based Markdowns
Weather-Based Markdowns
Momentum Madrid Devises Special Discount for Limon Y Nada Drink
Digital Broadcast Apps
Digital Broadcast Apps
Apple Podscasts is a Dedicated Media Viewing Platform
Luxe Cab-Fetching Apps
Luxe Cab-Fetching Apps
The Uber Technologies Driver Fetches a Ride from Your Smartphone
Time-Bending Mobile Apps
Time-Bending Mobile Apps
The RetroActive App Stores Just-Missed Moments of Brilliance
play_circle_filled Facebook Love-Seeking Apps
Facebook Love-Seeking Apps
Matchbook Attempts to Find the Perfect Match from Your Friends List
play_circle_filled Controversial Headwear Apps
Controversial Headwear Apps
The Turbanizer Imagines What You Would Look like With a Turban on
Climate-Determining Outfit Apps
Climate-Determining Outfit Apps
The Cloth Weather App Now Integrates Local Weather Data
play_circle_filled GPS-Enabled Public Transit Apps
GPS-Enabled Public Transit Apps
OnTheBus Helps the Visually and Audibly Impaired Navigate
Nature-Viewing Apps
Nature-Viewing Apps
Bbc Earth Launches 'Meet Your Planet' Facebook App
play_circle_filled Anti-Gas Guzzling Apps (UPDATE)
Anti-Gas Guzzling Apps (UPDATE)
WAZE Navigation System Locates the Cheapest Fuel Prices
play_circle_filled Tweet-Enabled Treat Dispensers
Tweet-Enabled Treat Dispensers
The BEV Twitter Vending Machine Trades Hash Tags for Iced Tea
play_circle_filled Creativity-Enhancing iPad Apps
Creativity-Enhancing iPad Apps
MoMA Art Lab is Designed to Help Children Be More Imaginative
Retro Transformer Covers
Retro Transformer Covers
The Arcadie for iPhone Case is Fun and Functional
Password-Unlocking Apps
Password-Unlocking Apps
The Ford KeyFree Login Promotes the Car Company's Hand-Free Technology
Schoolyard Violence-Haulting Apps
Schoolyard Violence-Haulting Apps
Stop Bullies Uses GPS to Alert Authorities of an Assault
play_circle_filled Choo Choo Conductor Apps
Choo Choo Conductor Apps
The Toca Train for iOS Puts Players in Charge of a Virtual Locomotive
Do-It-All Timepieces
Do-It-All Timepieces
The Bluetooth 'Meta Watch' is Stylish and Crazy Functional
Weather Forecast Food Packaging
Weather Forecast Food Packaging
Kiyu Taro Labels Their Flavors Based on Atmospheric Conditions
Phone-Manipulating Tokens
Phone-Manipulating Tokens
Sony Xperia SmartTags Help You Perform Functions Quickly
play_circle_filled Guaranteed Perfect Weather Getaways
Guaranteed Perfect Weather Getaways
Virgin 'Book By Weather' Ensures Ideal Travel Conditions
Simple Weather Apps
Simple Weather Apps
Shine for iPhone Gives You the Forecast at a Glance
Crowdsourced Weather Apps
Crowdsourced Weather Apps
The Weddar App Lets You "Check Into" the Weather
Cartoon Climate Apps
Cartoon Climate Apps
The Swackett Weather App is a Fun & Quirky Way of Reading the Forecast
Pretty Pocket Thermometers
Pretty Pocket Thermometers
Thermo by Robocat is a Wicked Weather App
Wireless Weather Apparel
Wireless Weather Apparel
Valerie Lamontagne Creates Dresses That Change Based on Weather
Apple Stalks iPhone Users
Apple Stalks iPhone Users
Weather & Stocks Apps As Spy Tools