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Parental Parodies

Aging demographics turn to forms of online satire as a method of expression

Implications - Boomers are taking center stage in YouTube videos and parodies as online participation moves beyond mere Millennials. Showing up in everything from movie spoofs to dance offs, traditional authority figures, like moms and dads, are using social platforms as a form of satire or storytelling. Thus, signifying a more lax and open attitude among adults, particularly in the social sphere.
5 Featured, 38 Examples:
230,478 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Sep 13 — Sep 14
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Parenting Song Spoofs
Parenting Song Spoofs
This Japanese Let It Go Parody Offers Encouragement to Japanese Parents
There have been tons of ‘Let it Go’ parody videos created by fans, but this one comes from a Japanese non-profit organization, the Alliance for Raising Children. The alliance is a group... MORE
play_circle_filled Platform-Mocking Video Rants
Platform-Mocking Video Rants
This YouTube Complaints 2014 Parody Video Illustrates Site Flaws
Entitled ‘YouTube Complaints 2014!’, this parody video pokes fun at the streaming platform’s various glitches and website flaws. Whether mocking its partnership with web giant... MORE
play_circle_filled Superhero-Inspired Moral Lessons
Superhero-Inspired Moral Lessons
BatDad is the Hoarse, Moral Voice of Conscience in the Family
When BatDad isn’t out fighting crime, he drives a Honda Odyssey, because it gets better gas mileage. In a three-minute YouTube clip of a compilation of Vine videos, which has been viewed more... MORE
play_circle_filled Dad Dancing Skits
Dad Dancing Skits
Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie Demonstrate the Evolution of Dad Dancing
In a hilarious Evolution of Dad Dancing skit, the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie joined Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. Jimmy Fallon has done several ‘evolution of’ bits, from rap... MORE
play_circle_filled Rapper-Spoofing Pregnancy Parodies
Rapper-Spoofing Pregnancy Parodies
The I'm So Pregnant Fancy Parody Stars Women Nine Months Along
If you are an expectant mother and a fan of Iggy Azalea, this is one Fancy parody you do not want to miss. Uploaded by What’s Up Moms on YouTube, I’m So Pregnant goes through some of the... MORE

Related Examples

play_circle_filled Internet Trolling Videos
Internet Trolling Videos
Lily Allen Mocks Internet Trolls With the 'URL Badman' Video
play_circle_filled Embroidered Stop Motion Videos
Embroidered Stop Motion Videos
The Tharsis Sleeps Music Video Tells an Out of This World Story
Animated Clay Sculptures
Animated Clay Sculptures
Gianluca Maruotti Turns Modeling Clay into Funky Characters
play_circle_filled Illusory Visual Videos
Illusory Visual Videos
The Ok Go Music Video Optical Illusions are Cleverly Choreographed
play_circle_filled Prideful Cereal Campaigns
Prideful Cereal Campaigns
Lucky Charms' Lucky to Be Campaign Encourages Uniqueness & Pride
play_circle_filled Movie Scene Selfie Videos
Movie Scene Selfie Videos
This Video Shows Celebrity Selfies by Famous Movie Characters
Drone Footage Maps
Drone Footage Maps
TravelByDrone Uses Crowdsourced Drone-Captured Videos for Virtual Tourism
Expecting Mother Social Apps
Expecting Mother Social Apps
Preggie Connects Expecting Mothers with Other Pregnant Women Nearby
play_circle_filled Blocky Disney Song Spoofs
Blocky Disney Song Spoofs
This Let It Go Parody Shows Elsa Building Her Snow Castle in Minecraft
Inspiring Invention Campaigns
Inspiring Invention Campaigns
GE & Jimmy Fallon's #SomeoneShouldInvent is Both Silly & Serious
Gothic Frozen Film Adaptations
Gothic Frozen Film Adaptations
Tim Burton Inspired Frozen Illustrations Combine Cinematic Classics
play_circle_filled Legendary Lip Syncing Competitions
Legendary Lip Syncing Competitions
Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync in an Epic Musical Battle
play_circle_filled 3D Pregnancy Diaries
3D Pregnancy Diaries
This Pregnancy Diary Grows Over Nine Months Like a Pregnant Woman's Body
play_circle_filled Animated Voice Compilation Covers
Animated Voice Compilation Covers
This Disney Frozen Cover Incorporates 21 Animated Voices
play_circle_filled Icy Film Spoof Trailers
Icy Film Spoof Trailers
Honest Trailers Shows Frozen from a Comically Honest Perspective
Celebrity Host-Tracking Apps
Celebrity Host-Tracking Apps
The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon App Ensures You’re in the Know
play_circle_filled Cult Movie Rap Tributes
Cult Movie Rap Tributes
The Iggy Azalea 'Fancy' Video is a Throwback to the 90s & 'Clueless'
play_circle_filled Lip Syncing Comedic Battles
Lip Syncing Comedic Battles
Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon Duke it Out Lip Syncing on the Tonight Show
play_circle_filled Sports-Infused Ice Anthems
Sports-Infused Ice Anthems
This 'Let It Go' Parody Spoofs Frozen with 'Let It Slam'
play_circle_filled Tribal Disney Song Makeovers
Tribal Disney Song Makeovers
Disney's 'Let It Go' Receives Yet Another Fantastic Remake with Kids
play_circle_filled Evolutionary Dance Move Skits
Evolutionary Dance Move Skits
Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith Show Off the Evolution of Hip Hop
play_circle_filled Supervillain-Infused Disney Parodies
Supervillain-Infused Disney Parodies
Mr. Freeze Covers the Hit Song Let it Go From Disney's Frozen
play_circle_filled Multilingual Disney Music Videos
Multilingual Disney Music Videos
Disney Plays the Oscar Nominated Song Let It Go in 25 Languages
Understated High Fashion Editorials
Understated High Fashion Editorials
Iggy Azalea Adopts a New Look for Oyster Magazine October 2013
play_circle_filled 8-Bit Hollywood Movies
8-Bit Hollywood Movies
The 8-Bit Batman Film Captures The Dark Knight in Three Succinct Minutes
play_circle_filled Late Night Series Spoofs
Late Night Series Spoofs
The Jimmy Fallon Breaking Bad Parody is Highly Entertaining
play_circle_filled Satirical TV Cartoon Spoofs
Satirical TV Cartoon Spoofs
The Breaking Bad Duo of Heisenberg & Pink Man Fight Crime & Sell Drugs
Pop Culture Vector Posters
Pop Culture Vector Posters
Andrew Thompson’s Digital Illustrations Highlight Pop Culture
Medieval Comic Book Armor
Medieval Comic Book Armor
Batman Scalemaille Takes the Dark Knight Back to the Feudal Age
Personalized Coffee Stencils
Personalized Coffee Stencils
Leave Cute Messages in Drink Form with This Coffee Stencil
Heroic Beard Ads
Heroic Beard Ads
The 'Super Beards' Ad Humorously Sculpts Beards into Heroic Symbols
Pixelated Superhero Portraits
Pixelated Superhero Portraits
Ercan Akkaya's 8-Bit Heroes Get Up Close and Personal with Pixels
Caped Crusader Robes
Caped Crusader Robes
The 'Batman Hooded Bath Robe' Will Make You Feel Like the Dark Night
Villain-Digesting Ads
Villain-Digesting Ads
These Print Ads for Tommy's Have Heroes Battling Inner Hunger Demons
Hero-Calling Alarm Clocks
Hero-Calling Alarm Clocks
You Can Relieve Your Favorite Batman Moment with the Batman Signal Clock
play_circle_filled Symbolically Narrative Music Videos
Symbolically Narrative Music Videos
Jonas and François Showcase Iggy Azalea’s Difficult
play_circle_filled Paper Craft Serenades
Paper Craft Serenades
The 'Let It Go' Music Video by Fossil Collective is a Stop-Motion Marvel
Shoppable Music Videos
Shoppable Music Videos
The Iggy Azalea 'I Think She Ready' Film is an Interactive Fashion Dream