The Tharsis Sleeps Music Video Tells an Out of This World Story

The incredible new music video for Thrones' Tharsis Sleeps uses stop motion and 3000 embroidered frames. Based out of London, Thrones cleverly uses this animation technique in one of Vimeo's Staff Picks.

Tharsis Sleeps was directed by animator and Thrones lead singer Nicos Livesey and co-directed by Tom Bunker. Three industrial embroidery machines were used to create the thousands of animated frames. The team consisted of interns and animators, who took over a year to complete the music video. The animated frames are also available for purchase for 20 pounds each.

The dizzying video was laborious, but ultimately an artistic endeavor. Using the embroidered stop motion animation, epic galactic warfare and planetary scenes are illustrated to stunning effect in Tharsis Sleeps.