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Emotional Healthvertising

Health campaigns target deeper emotional issues to instill motivation

Implications - Straying away from mere superficial benefits, fitness and health campaigns are targeting deeper emotional concerns. Referencing issues like parental loss, these marketing tactics incorporate personal hardships that consumers can relate to on a deeper level. This in turn creates a meaningful psychological link with the viewer.
5 Featured, 44 Examples:
118,485 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Apr 14 — Sep 15
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

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play_circle_filled Senior Influenza PSAs
Senior Influenza PSAs
The 'Flu + You' Program Reminds the Elderly to Get Their Annual Shots
play_circle_filled Anti-Smoking Meme Ads
Anti-Smoking Meme Ads
This #ItsATrap Ad Uses Memes to Discourage Kids and Teens from Smoking
Anti-Aging Smoothies
Anti-Aging Smoothies
This Smoothie Recipe Uses Anti-Aging Goji Berries to Increase Health
Harmful City Dwelling Charts
Harmful City Dwelling Charts
This Infographic Lists the Negative Effects of City Life on Health
Deathly Diet Campaigns
Deathly Diet Campaigns
Warwick Thornton Presents Kids with Fast Food Bombs Strapped to Them
Energy-Boosting Superfood Snacks
Energy-Boosting Superfood Snacks
These Chia Snacks Provide Energy Without Spiking Blood Sugar
Meditation-Enhancing Headbands
Meditation-Enhancing Headbands
The Muse Headband Works to Train and Relax One's Brain
Hibiscus Iced Teas
Hibiscus Iced Teas
This Hibiscus Iced Tea Has a Glowing Ruby Red Color
Intuitive Health Platforms
Intuitive Health Platforms
Tactio Health Tracks Weight, Sugar Levels and Physical Activity
Bottled Tea Beverages
Bottled Tea Beverages
Vivid's Green Tea Drinks Are Made with 100% Unsweetened Matcha
Sedentary Health Charts
Sedentary Health Charts
This Work-Focused Infographic Looks at Sedentary Lifestyle Health Issues
Silly Anti-Smoking Videos
Silly Anti-Smoking Videos
The Truth's Anti-Smoking Initiative Shows Serious News in a Comical Way
SIM Card Vending Machines
SIM Card Vending Machines
This Vending Machine Automates the Process of Giving Out Mobile Tech
Hypnotic Light Sculptures
Hypnotic Light Sculptures
Craig Dorety's 'Division' Light Artwork Tests Limits of the Human Eye
play_circle_filled Surprising Anti-Smoking Ads
Surprising Anti-Smoking Ads
This Anti-Smoking Commercial Shows a Kid Trying Not to Breathe
Retro Post-Party Editorials
Retro Post-Party Editorials
Janneke Storm Photographs 'The Morning After' for C-Heads
Superhero Medication
Superhero Medication
RxMen is a Series of Comical Cures for Super-Symptoms
Diagnostic Migraine Apps
Diagnostic Migraine Apps
Headache Tracker App Migraine Buddy is Like Having a Doctor on Hand
Beneficial Love-Making Infographics
Beneficial Love-Making Infographics
This Handy Infographic Outlines the Benefits of Intimacy
play_circle_filled Poignant Anti-Smoking Videos
Poignant Anti-Smoking Videos
This Anti-Smoking Ad for QUIT Puts Vine to Perfect Use
play_circle_filled Edible Anti-Smoking Papers
Edible Anti-Smoking Papers
Nicotine-Scented Paper Boosted BemSer's Anti-Smoking Program
Second Screen Ad Platforms
Second Screen Ad Platforms
Xaxis Sync Pushes Content From TV to Tablet and Mobile Advertising
play_circle_filled Colonel Tattoo Commercials
Colonel Tattoo Commercials
A Forever Fan Gets a KFC Tattoo in the Restaurant's New Advertisement
play_circle_filled Moving Taxi Cab Ads
Moving Taxi Cab Ads
Live Screens Now Sit Atop Taxis in New York
Cannabis Vending Machines
Cannabis Vending Machines
This Marijuana Dispensing Machine was Installed for 420 2014
play_circle_filled Steamy Cereal Commercials
Steamy Cereal Commercials
The Suggestive Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Ads Channel Late Night Chat Lines
play_circle_filled Animated Hotel Decor Commercials
Animated Hotel Decor Commercials
CitizenM Hotels' New Commercial Brings Towel-Made Swans to Life
play_circle_filled Anti-Abuse Vending Machines
Anti-Abuse Vending Machines
The Helpless Machine Made for a Shocking Domestic Violence Campaign
play_circle_filled Horizontal Teardrop Commercials
Horizontal Teardrop Commercials
The Mercedes-AMG 45th Anniversary is Celebrated with Manly Tears
Deadly Prankster Commercials
Deadly Prankster Commercials
The Metro Trains April Fools Day Campaign is Adorably Cautionary
play_circle_filled Young Love Truck Commercials
Young Love Truck Commercials
The Firestone: Pick Up Ad is Timeless and Endearing
Automated Grocery Stores
Automated Grocery Stores
The Speedy Store is a Vending Machine for Basic Necessities
Migraine-Preventing Headbands
Migraine-Preventing Headbands
This Electric Headband Zaps Your Migraines
play_circle_filled DNA-Dispensing Vending Machines
DNA-Dispensing Vending Machines
The DNA Vending Machines Portrays a Powerful Message
Virtual Anti-Smoking Establishments
Virtual Anti-Smoking Establishments
This Gamer Opened Up an Anti-Smoking Clinic in Minecraft
Designer Bag Vending Machines
Designer Bag Vending Machines
This Designer Handbag Vending Machine Makes Style Accessible
play_circle_filled Couples Only Vending Machines
Couples Only Vending Machines
Coke's Invisible Vending Machine Doesn't Reveal Itself for Singles
Self-Pouring Vending Machines
Self-Pouring Vending Machines
This Green Vending Machine Bottles Water Right Before Your Eyes
Drug Addict Dispensers
Drug Addict Dispensers
Portland Hotel Society's Crack Pipes Vending Machine Provides Safe Supplies
Anti-Smoking Applications
Anti-Smoking Applications
The Stop Smoking App Monitors Health & Money Saved by Non-Smokers
Natural Migraine Remedy Graphics
Natural Migraine Remedy Graphics
Prevent the Stages of a Migraine with These Holistic Remedies
Hanky Panky Health Infographics
Hanky Panky Health Infographics
Learn Some Bedroom Benefits with This Helpful Infographic
play_circle_filled Anti-Smoking Cigarette Trades
Anti-Smoking Cigarette Trades
People Trade in Cigarettes for Condoms in This Anti-Smoking Campaign
Fecal Smoking Campaigns
Fecal Smoking Campaigns
The Ugly Truth Campaign Connects Pet Feces to Smoking