Craig Dorety's 'Division' Light Artwork Tests Limits of the Human Eye

 - Sep 25, 2014
References: johanssonprojects & coolhunting
Craig Dorety's light artwork series called 'Division' is designed to push the limits of what we're able to see and perceive. As an artist with a background in mechanical engineering, Dorety has introduced light sculptures in the past that communicate what it is like to experience a migraine, or what it might be like to have synesthesia. In addition to his art and science background, Dorety is also a classically trained musician who is able to integrate sound into his works.

A lot of the time, such as in a work of art called 'Offset Circles—Fruits and Vegetables,' the changes in light levels are extremely subtle, making it look as though the layered circles are slowly pulsing. The Division art exhibition ran throughout the spring and summer earlier this year at Johansson Projects in California.