Portland Hotel Society's Crack Pipes Vending Machine Provides Safe Supplies

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: sharedlearnings.org & neatorama
The Crack Pipes Vending Machine could very well become one of the most controversial dispensers of its kind. It targets drug addicts, but not in the way some people might assume right off the bat. Instead of perpetuating this dangerous lifestyle, it was created to help wean people off while also decreasing diseases amongst users.

Installed by Portland Hotel Society, a non-profit organization that operate housing facilities for the homeless in Vancouver, Canada, the Crack Pipes Vending Machine dispenses Pyrex crack pipes for just 25 cents each. Kailin See of Portland Hotel Society says, "This is one piece of the larger puzzle." You have to have treatment, you have to have detox, you have to have safe spaces to use your drug of choice, and you have to have safe and clean supplies."