The Truth's Anti-Smoking Initiative Shows Serious News in a Comical Way

 - Nov 19, 2014
References: thetruth & adsoftheworld
As part of The Truth's #FinishIt anti-smoking initiative, this video triumphs CVS Pharmacy for stopping the sales of cigarettes at its retail locations, while calling out other stores that have yet to be as forward-thinking.

This 'Progress Report' gives a rundown on The Truth's mission to put an end to Big Tobacco companies, and with a decrease in cigarette availability thanks to CVS, this makes it easier not to give in to those tempting impulse buys that are actually terribly detrimental to your health. Although this news has serious implications, it's delivered in a bold, flashy and fun way that takes care to include all of the Internet's favorite things like cats, memes, people dancing and GIFs to make sure this news stands out to the next generation.