From Viral Kid Campaigns to Pet Focus Group Ads

 - Oct 27, 2014
These October 2014 commercial ideas range from viral kid campaigns to pet focus group ads that personify man's best friend. Whether appealing to one's sense of humor or stirring up a sea of emotions, these commercials illustrate a brand's values and marketing strategy.

As more and more kids become internet sensations, companies are taking note and taking advantage of a viral advertising tactic. When they're not visiting daytime television shows, these memorable kids are becoming spokespeople for household brands. This connection to youth and the internet shows consumers that a brand is aware of pop culture and illustrates their relevance to today's younger market.

In addition to humor-infused ads, these October 2014 commercial ideas are also based on emotional themes. Whether illustrating alcohol's devastating effects on a newborn or inspiring one to follow their dreams, these sentimental campaigns pull at one's heart strings.