People Trade in Cigarettes for Condoms in This Anti-Smoking Campaign

 - Jun 28, 2013
References: facebook & designtaxi
Brazilian group Alegria gera Saúde (Joy Generates Health) came up with a clever anti-smoking campaign that allows people to trade in cigarettes for condoms. Instead of smoking, the campaign advocates a "healthier" activity. The group’s efforts kills two birds with one stone, promoting safe sex and reducing the number of smokers on the street.

Alegria gera Saúde set up a blue box on the streets of Brazil, with a person inside. The box only has a small slot for people to slip their packs of cigarettes in with, so that the interaction is non-confrontational. Although there is a person inside, the box operates like a machine than a human, preventing potentially awkward moments during the trade. This is an interesting way to deliver an anti-smoking campaign and discourage an unhealthy behaviour.