This #ItsATrap Ad Uses Memes to Discourage Kids and Teens from Smoking

 - Sep 3, 2015
References: digg & designtaxi
'The Truth' created this humorous anti-smoking commercial that features popular memes used online in support of the #ItsATrap campaign. The commercial takes place at a teen-filled house party where guests are discussing smoking. Whenever a guest reveals that they are a "social smoker" a meme pops up to say "it's a trap."

The campaign is geared towards the younger generation and appeals to this demographic with popular memes. Youthful generations are more likely to pay attention to the ad because of its age-appropriate and relevant content. For example, one popular meme featured in the commercial is an animated purple unicorn that interjects when it hears a girl say that flavored smokes aren't bad for you.

The overall goal of this campaign is to reach the younger generation and to deter them from smoking before they even start. The ad is filled with #ItsATrap interjections and the tag-line at the end reads that "social smoking is still smoking."