The Jimmy Fallon Breaking Bad Parody is Highly Entertaining

 - Sep 20, 2013
References: & buzzfeed
This Jimmy Fallon Breaking Bad parody aired on the comedian’s late night talk show. The spoof has Fallon as Bryan Cranston’s Heisenberg in ‘Joking Bad.’ Rather than selling meth, Jimmy teams up with his sidekick Steve Higgins (as Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman) to sell jokes. Not only is the costuming impeccable, Higgins also overuses Pinkman’s signature ‘b*tch.’

The Fallon Breaking Bad parody follows the hit show’s plot line, where Jimmy has only six months left at his show before moving to the ‘Tonight Show.’ Paranoia and suspension ensues, highlighting not just the brilliance of the original, but also the comedic talents of Fallon and his team.

This video is a must watch for Breaking Bad fans, as well as anyone looking for a laugh.