BatDad is the Hoarse, Moral Voice of Conscience in the Family

 - Sep 30, 2013
References: babble & incrediblethings
When BatDad isn’t out fighting crime, he drives a Honda Odyssey, because it gets better gas mileage.

In a three-minute YouTube clip of a compilation of Vine videos, which has been viewed more than 5 million times, BatDad looks to be the voice of moral conscience in his family, donning a mask and speaking in the classic hoarse Batman voice. Among some of the lessons he propounds, he tells his son, Benjamin, that "tables are for glasses, not asses," and to "Get out of there [under the carpet]. It hasn’t been swept… in a year."

The BatDad gig does, however, give his wife Jen a torrid time as he hounds her over how long it takes to do her make up—"You’re supposed to be ready 20 minutes ago"—as well as telling her to buckle up her seatbelt when he yells in a quiet car that she is "breaking the law."