The Breaking Bad Duo of Heisenberg & Pink Man Fight Crime & Sell Drugs

 - Sep 20, 2013
References: youtube & designtaxi
‘Heisenberg’ and ‘Pink Man’ star in a hilarious new 60s-style cartoon spoof version of the hit television series Breaking Bad made by CineFix. Based on the original Batman series, the superhero drug-dealing duo in the 'Breaking Bad As a Cartoon!' spoof combine forces "as they battle evildoers and make New Mexico safe for people who also happen to be very evil."

Summarizing the events of the past few seasons prior to the final season of Breaking Bad, ‘Heisenberg’ and ‘Pink Man’ are called upon to fight some of the characters who have appeared throughout the show, such as Jane Margolis, or 'Heroine Girl,' and Gustavo Fring, also known as 'Meth-er mind.' In classic Jesse Pinkman style, ‘Pink Man’ at one point alerts ‘Heisenberg’ of ‘The Chemist’ by exclaiming, "Heisenberg! Behind you, b*tch!"