The 'Let It Go' Music Video by Fossil Collective is a Stop-Motion Marvel

 - Apr 13, 2012
References: youtube
The indie band Fossil Collective recently released a brand new music video for the assemble's lead track 'Let It Go,' which is off their upcoming EP of the same name. The video, created in conjunction with Broken Pixel, tells a story of love, loss and the power of hope. The surprisingly affecting tale is acted out by stop-motion players navigating a whimsical paper craft world.

Meticulously detailed right down to the texture of the old man's hat, 'Let It Go' tells the story of a couple separated by a fateful scarf-rescuing incident. It sounds simplistic, but it certainly knows how to pull on the heart strings. The charm of stop-motion features is undeniable and the overwhelming craftsmanship successfully transports the viewer into a world of vivid whimsy. When combined with the sweet folky tones of Fossil Collective (think Fleet Foxes), this music video is enough to bring a tear to your eye and smile to your lips.

Beautifully textured and emotionally riveting, the 'Let it Go' music video could be this band's ticket out of the underground.