The 8-Bit Batman Film Captures The Dark Knight in Three Succinct Minutes

 - Sep 21, 2013
References: gmanetwork & designtaxi
The cinematic brilliance of The Dark Knight lives on in the form of an 8-Bit Batman film. The film by CineFix, part of its continuing '8-Bit Cinema' series, condenses the original Batman: The Dark Knight movie into a three-minute short.

The film, reminiscent of a GameBoy game, features Batman or Bruce Wayne fighting his nihilistic nemesis The Joker, as well as his and other bands of henchman. In true 1980s Nintendo style, the film plays out as if each major scene is another level, and comes with catchy arcade songs adapted from the movie and pop-up dialog, such as when Batman acquires the "Bat Wing Suit."

Some notable moments from the 8-Bit Batman film include when (spoiler alert) The Joker makes a getaway in a yellow school bus that barrels through the bank wall, when The Joker presents Batman with the ultimate dilemma and when Harvey Dent, or Two-Face, finally breaks and becomes a delusional villain basing every moral action on the flip of a coin.