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Smartphone Superstores

Technology relieves time-pressed grocery shoppers

Implications - Consumers today crave convenience—especially if it’s in regards to a time-demanding activity like grocery shopping. Thanks to technology, however, this often dreaded weekly chore is becoming less of a chore and more of a minor nuisance. Tech tools that make it quicker and more convenient to shop for groceries are gaining ground, elevating the traditional food store into a technological playground filled with helpful gadgets, apps, services and even robotics.
6 Featured, 49 Examples:
347,771 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Aug 10 — Jun 11
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Robotic Grocery Gofers
Robotic Grocery Gofers
The Electrolux AMMI Fetches Food from the Supermarket for You
Grocery shopping can be a hassle, especially when you've got other things to do, and that wish that your refrigerator will magically stock itself can come true, thanks to the concept for the Electrolux… MORE
Grocery Store GPS Guides
Grocery Store GPS Guides
The Meijer Find-It App Helps You Find the Frozen Food Section
Grocery shopping in the Midwest just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the Meijer Find-It app. This trial app gives shoppers in for Michigan-based Meijer grocery store an indoor GPS system. Customers can… MORE
play_circle_filled Smartphone Superstores
Smartphone Superstores
The Tesco Subway Virtual Store Brings Shopping to Cyberspace
The Tesco Subway Virtual Store is a brilliant idea by Cheil Worldwide advertising agency. In order to gain a monopoly as the number one grocery store in Korea, the firm decided to do an in depth... MORE
play_circle_filled Grocery-Bagging Robots
Grocery-Bagging Robots
Stanford University's Incredible PR2 Robot is an Android Checkout Cle
Stanford University’s robotics department has whipped up another creation straight from the pages of a sci-fi novel – a PR2 robot that has the ability to scan and bag your groceries. This isn’t the first… MORE
Gamer Grocery Apps
Gamer Grocery Apps
The Nintendo DS Shopping App Displays List and Layout
Turning grocery lists into an interactive gaming experience, the Nintendo DS shopping app will undeniably revolutionize the way people shop. Nintendo has just received a patent for this innovative experience… MORE
Educated Eating Sites
Educated Eating Sites
Consmr Platform is the First Review Site for Grocery Store Produce
The Consmr platform hopes to rival some of the big players in the online review industry (see Yelp) but specifically for grocery store produce. The review website ranks produce by bringing together data… MORE

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Social Media Job Distractions
Social Media Job Distractions
Diesel's Be Stupid At Work Campaign Launches Facebook Through Excel
15 Social Media Apps
15 Social Media Apps
From Conversation Starting Apps to Forgetful Boyfriend Apps
Nostalgic Photo Apps
Nostalgic Photo Apps
PopBooth App Prints Out and Mails Your Real Photos to You
Simulated Social Media Realities
Simulated Social Media Realities
The Sims Social on Facebook Will Increase User Interactions
Profound Web Infographics
Profound Web Infographics
The How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education Diagram is Revealing
Literal Rock Group Groceries
Literal Rock Group Groceries
Carrefour Express Ad Reinterprets Musicians as Groceries
play_circle_filled Socal Media Roasts
Socal Media Roasts
The Facebook Roast is Harsh and Hilarious
13 Profile Picture Innovations
13 Profile Picture Innovations
From Social Media Glamorizing to Display Photo Pranks
play_circle_filled Crowdsourced Story Apps
Crowdsourced Story Apps
Storify Web App Curates Stories From Your Social Media Experience
play_circle_filled Roving Martian Robots
Roving Martian Robots
Engineer Tim Lexen Creates an Object that May Help in Space
play_circle_filled Bell-Shaped Butler Bots
Bell-Shaped Butler Bots
RoboDynamics Luna Robot Has Been Engineered to Serve the Masses
Race-Recording Robots
Race-Recording Robots
Drones by Sebastian Russ Keep on Athletes' Heels for Photo Ops
play_circle_filled Rexcellent Robots
Rexcellent Robots
Create and Activate Your Own Remote Control Dinosaur
Doggie Carpet Cleaners
Doggie Carpet Cleaners
The Puppy Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Uses Puppies to Keep Your Carpet Clean
play_circle_filled Fundraising Androids
Fundraising Androids
DONA the Panhandling Robot Outsources Donation Solicitation
play_circle_filled Cyborg Pledge Collectors
Cyborg Pledge Collectors
The DON-8r Fundraising Robot is the New Sidewalk Canvasser
play_circle_filled Recycling Robots
Recycling Robots
Automaton Finds Recyclable Goods Amongst Construction Refuse
Sailing Oil Spill Saviors
Sailing Oil Spill Saviors
The Protei Project Offers a Solution for Cleaning the Currents
Desktop Robot Devices
Desktop Robot Devices
These Monocomplex Kinetic Bots Live to Serve
play_circle_filled Elderly-Feeding Robots
Elderly-Feeding Robots
Isao Wakabayashi's Meal Assistance Robot Helps Care for Seniors
Blind Grocery Guides
Blind Grocery Guides
The Love Card from Shen Ming Makes Sightless Grocery Shopping Easier
play_circle_filled Ultra Realistic Robots
Ultra Realistic Robots
The Geminoid-F Humanoid Robot is an Uncannily Lifelike Creation
Tattooing Robots
Tattooing Robots
The Automatic Tattoo Machine Makes Getting Tatted Up Scary
Supermarket-Style Stationary
Supermarket-Style Stationary
The Mini Shopping Cart Desk Organizer is Creatively Cute
Robotic Lawnmowers (UPDATE)
Robotic Lawnmowers (UPDATE)
The Automower 305 by Husqvarna is for Those Dog Days of Summer
Color-Coordinated Groceries
Color-Coordinated Groceries
Marco Ugolini and Pedro Motta Turn Groceries Into Art
Creepy Fetal Cellphones
Creepy Fetal Cellphones
The Hiroshi Ishiguro 'Elfoid' Adds Robotic Facial Expressions to Phoning
Avant-Garde Grocery Carts
Avant-Garde Grocery Carts
Krzysztof Niemiec Shopping Trolley for the Futuristic Supermarket
Magnified Product Packaging
Magnified Product Packaging
The QE Convenience Store Campaign Promotes Inflated Value
Social Media Superstores
Social Media Superstores
Target Social Network Connectivity Lets You Print FB Photos In-Store
Easy Meal Shopping
Easy Meal Shopping
Kochhause Grocery Store Takes The Guesswork Out of Dinner
Cellular Shopping Apps
Cellular Shopping Apps
The Cardmobili Phone App is Perfect for Shopaholics
play_circle_filled Laundering Robots
Laundering Robots
Willow Garage PR2 Will Knock Your Socks Off, Then Sort Them
play_circle_filled Tour Guide Apps
Tour Guide Apps
The American Museum of Natural History Explorer Helps You Navigate
play_circle_filled 3D GPS Systems
3D GPS Systems
Pioneer avic-z120bt Has 3D Touch Display, DVD Playback and Bluetooth
play_circle_filled Facial Recognition Beer Bots
Facial Recognition Beer Bots
Willow Garage Creates a Robot That Differentiates Beer Brands
play_circle_filled GPS Art Installations
GPS Art Installations
Garvin Nolte Takes Directions from 25 GPS Units Simulatenously
play_circle_filled Job Search Apps
Job Search Apps
Field Agent iPhone App Provides Local Job Opportunities for Pay
67 GPS Innovations
67 GPS Innovations
From Celebrity GPS Voices to GPS Lingerie
play_circle_filled Crabby GPS Guides
Crabby GPS Guides
The Pioneer NaviRobo Gives Directions Cutely
RFID Grocery Tags
RFID Grocery Tags
Replacing Traditional Bar Codes Could Lead to Faster Checkouts
Palm-Sized Grocery Guides
Palm-Sized Grocery Guides
The 'Dirty Dozen Cheat Sheet' Helps you Buy Organic
Braille City Maps
Braille City Maps
The DROP GPS Device Encourages You to Follow Blindly
Charitable iPhone Apps
Charitable iPhone Apps
Ample Harvest Fills Real Life Pantries
Direct to Eye GPS Goggles
Direct to Eye GPS Goggles
The Zeal 2010 Transcend GPS Goggles are Good Enough for Gutsche
Bicycle GPS Aids
Bicycle GPS Aids
Pedal Smarter with the iCrew Bike Navigation System
Self-Weighing Shopping Carts
Self-Weighing Shopping Carts
Abastor2.0 Concept Would Make Getting Groceries Easy
Drive Through Shopping Cart Washes
Drive Through Shopping Cart Washes
The PureCart
Social Grocery Shopping Tools
Social Grocery Shopping Tools