- Jul 2, 2008
References: zeer & boston
Shoppers are faced with dozens of kinds of yogurt and 24 brands of paper towels; how is anyone supposed to decide? Sure, you could just buy what your mom always bought... or you can check out Zeer.com. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based website provides user-generated reviews and information about thousands of the products on your grocer's shelves.

In addition, with Zeer.com, users can create grocery lists, read about new products and join communities of shoppers who eat similar foods or who have similar allergies. A mobile version lets shoppers use their cellphones to research purchases as they shop.

Especially helpful for individuals on special diets or with dietary restrictions, Zeer's social features allow users to not only rate new products, but to network with others with the same needs. For specialty foods, that are often expensive, taking the time to check out the product on-line, might be time well-spent.