The Tesco Subway Virtual Store Brings Shopping to Cyberspace

 - Jun 24, 2011
References: canneslions & adverblog
The Tesco Subway Virtual Store is a brilliant idea by Cheil Worldwide advertising agency. In order to gain a monopoly as the number one grocery store in Korea, the firm decided to do an in depth analysis on Korean lifestyle, and the result is a 130 percent increased success rate.

After studying how Koreans interact and go about their day-to-day life, Cheil Worldwide decided to put grocery stores in subway stations. However, these stores consisted of paper outlines that looked identical to a real grocery shelf, but to buy the items users simply had to scan the code with their smartphone. After doing so, the products were delivered straight to the recipients home. Because of the Tesco Subway Virtual Store, the company is now number one in Korea. Now that's clever marketing.

Implications - Businesses should never underestimate the significance of consumer lifestyle. After recognizing the hardships these customers face, a company can then design a product that fits these needs. The psychology behind the purchaser is just as important as the commodity businesses are trying to sell.