- May 24, 2012
Although food is the source of much inspiration, these unusual banana creations are fun and fruity visual delights. The phallic shape offers the perfect blank canvas for channeling creative artistry and inspiring bodacious furnishings.

Everyone from pop culture icons like Andy Warhol to out-of-the-box home decor designers have made their mark using this seemingly simple fruit. Its delicate and unique decaying features create interesting subjects for photographers and artists. They also have been used in the artworks themselves, where sculptures have transformed the fleshy fruit into edible masterpieces. Life takes on a more whimsical note when your morning call comes ringing in from a banana phone -- sitting next to the banana peel chair, naturally.

Watch your step when taking a cruise through these unusual banana creations.

From Delightfuly Decayed Captures to Massive Fruit Decor: