- Feb 8, 2013
This collection of banana innovations helps identify the interesting strides that have been made in all areas of the economy with regard to the bright, yellow fruit. There is almost nothing left untouched by the cheery fruit and the examples are here to prove it, so the next step is deciding which ones are suiting and which have gone too far.

There is everything from banana sculptures to flask that are shaped like the fruit as well as advertising campaigns and plethora of other paraphernalia that are most certainly a little bit obscure. Additionally, there are a number of banana-infused edibles that will help satisfy any craving for the sugary sweet fruit.

So, which are your faves? Perhaps the various banana art creations are right up your alley or the banana-based parodies tickle your funny bone.

From Peelable Flash Drives to Fruity Booze Dispensers: