The Bananenhalter Lets You Pretend to be a Viking in Your Own Time

 - May 25, 2010   Updated: Jul 11 2011
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The Bananenhalter is perhaps the silliest looking helmet, or fruit bowl, I have ever seen. And as to whether it can be technically called a 'bowl' remains elusive.

When placing the bananas on/in this baby correctly, one can achieve the look associated with a viking helmet. Which is really funny, because those helmets are silly looking to begin with. Can you imagine wearing the Bananenhalter? Talk about looking ridiculous.

Implications - One of the most effective ways for a company to establish itself in a crowded marketplace is by investing in products that are not only novel, but ridiculous in design, thus making them incredibly memorable. By attaching the company's style and brand name with a blatantly radical design, the company shows a willingness to buck convention in favor or originality.