Create and Activate Your Own Remote Control Dinosaur

 - May 6, 2011
References: uncommongoods
These designable dinos will have you roaring with laughter!

These 3D prehistoric puzzles are fully customizable; purchase, piece together, paint and play! The dinosaur's limbs are imprinted into perforated sheets of wood, and can easily be punched out and connected to construct your 3D Rex. Once your dino is puzzled together and painted, it can be brought to life with your Rex remote control. Your custom-made creature is under your control; it can jump and walk quickly along flat surfaces. It will also react to loud sounds, responding to them with T-Rex talk . This cretaceous creature is "rexcellent" for history hounds, fossil fans and dinosaur divas.

Construct and control your own remote control dinosaur for fossilized fun and prehistoric play!