- May 25, 2019
With beer consumption waning among millennials, the May 2019 drinking trends reveal that alcohol brands are looking for innovative new ways to cater to a generation of drinkers who are putting health and wellness first.

Despite the craft beer boom, many millennials seem to prefer wine or liquor. As a result, there has been an increasing number of hybrid, beer-like beverages hitting the market. For instance, spiked seltzers like the new Pacer Low Proof Seltzer lineup and the new Cape Line canned sparkling cocktails from MillerCoors, offer millennials a lighter alternative to beer. Another example highlighted by the May 2019 drinking trends is hybrid beers such as Bud Light Lemon Tea, which offers a new take on classic beer brands like Bud Light.

From Low-Calorie Spiked Seltzers to Hybrid Kombucha Cocktails: