DrinkTru Offers Easy-to-Consume Aids for Focus, Sleep, Energy & More

 - Apr 17, 2019
References: drinktru & bevnet
DrinkTru is now moving beyond its core TruEnergy line to share other functional and flavorful dietary supplement shots. While the original TruEnergy packs natural caffeine plus vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and coconut water into a compact bottle, the expanded line introduces new functions, each of which boasts its own bold flavor.

Those who are looking to minimize stress and improve their mental clarity can turn to Focus, which boasts a Nootropic Thunder flavor that's powered by brain-boosting ingredients and adaptogens. DrinkTru also offers a berry-flavored supplement that helps to reduce the symptoms of a hangover, as well as TruDream, a natural melatonin deep sleep aid that provides a calming effect and helps to make it easier to get to sleep and enjoy a high-quality night of rest.