- May 25, 2019
The May 2019 tech trends incorporate everything from smart watches that help consumers to track different aspects of their health, and medical clinics within publicly available booths, to coding kits, and balanced tech-integrated fidget spinners.

The one-minute clinics in Shanghai are an especially noteworthy inclusion, with Ping a Good Doctor supplying over 3 million people with fast and reliable medical care. The one-minute clinics have been expanded to eight densely populated cities across China, with 1,000 units distributed.

With virtual doctors able to diagnose and treat over 2,000 common diseases, the clinics make it easier for those in need to access help, without having to spend hours waiting in traditional clinics and risking more exposure. With over 100 categories of medicine available through the booths, and delivery options available for prescriptions not offered directly through them, the one-minute clinics have made care more accessible and convenient.

From Coder Board Games to Shapeshifting Meta-Material Aircrafts: