Kew Labs' K1 is Identified by Superior Audio & Durability

 - Apr 4, 2019
References: amazon & amazon
Kew Labs launches an affordable Bluetooth speaker — the audio tech retails for $38.95 USD. The gadget enjoys a superb quality as the designers ensured it would fit the demands of an extremely rugged environment. The silhouette of the K1 model is made to be waterproof, allowing it to be conveniently portable and exceptionally ideal for traveling and camping.

Moreover, Kew Labs incorporates 10Ws dual driver speakers in its product to achieve an all-encompassing 360-degree audio experience, while the battery life stretches to about 12 hours. Aesthetically speaking, the affordable Bluetooth speaker comes in four color iterations — yellow, red, grey and silver. The silhouette is kept slick and inspired by urban sensibilities.

Consumers have the opportunity to purchase the Kew Labs K1 Bluetooth speaker through Amazon and Amazon UK.