- Mar 17, 2019
Technology has been steadily incorporated in our every day to bring about a higher standard of living and these March 2019 gadgets are just a few examples of techy convenience, connectivity, and efficiency.

While some products are geared toward uplifting the home environment, others boast a more direct benefit for individuals. The OGarden Smart is an example of the former. The LED-powered circular in-home garden allows for consumers to grow their own fruits and veggies which contributes to a movement of sustainable and clean eating. Other tech solutions like the ElectroFit deliver direct results for the body. The device aids athletes with recovery rates and muscle development post-workout.

It is evident that a majority of the March 2019 gadgets are geared toward producing, motivating and maintaining healthy lifestyles. This can tell us something about consumer desires.

From Circular Smart Gardens to Barcode-Scanning Smart Ovens: