- Apr 19, 2019
The April 2019 gadgets list showcases some convenience-focused products, some impressive immersion events, as well as some silly and attention-captivating examples.

One of the releases that really makes one wonder what the designers were thinking is the Instant Noodle-themed over-ear headphones by Nissin and HyperX. The product is functional and capable of delighting consumers through sheer absurdity.

Another focus of the April 2019 gadgets round-up is a variation of projectors that are sure to enhance viewing experiences. The design decisions for this technology is moving toward the discreet and the portable. The XGIMI Z6 Polar Projector, for example, can seamlessly fit into the narrative of the home without any unnecessary obstruction, while Seokmoon Woo's Swivel and Xgimi's MoGo Pro are ultra-compact and pocket-friendly.

From Motorbike-Branded Air Purifiers to Self-Heating Lunchboxes: