The Conceptual 'BizyMouse' Keeps Calendar Info Literally on Hand

 - Mar 12, 2019
References: yankodesign
The conceptual 'BizyMouse' is a minimalist solution for the advanced workstation that aims to keep workers informed of their daily schedule at all times to ensure they are on track with what needs to get done. Outfitted with an eInk display on the side, the mouse wirelessly syncs with your calendar over WiFi to let users constantly keep an eye on what's coming up next on their schedule or to-do list. The low-power functionality of the screen along with a paper-like design and anti-glare aesthetic make it a streamlined addition to any workstation.

The conceptual 'BizyMouse' is the design work of Neo Nguyen and Clover Pham, and also features a 20-degree incline that supports proper ergonomics of the hand and wrist when working for long-term comfort.