- Apr 19, 2019
The April 2019 tech round-up shows how integral technology has become to our society. The many applications of tech-forward products are exhibited in the landscape of retail, the home, entertainment, art, fashion, design, and etc.

There is surely great appeal to AI, AR, and VR in the realm of entertainment and advertising, for example. However, not all brands are optimized to work with the innovations as they are relatively new and the possibilities are still being explored. Hence, companies like Patio Interactive become the go-to for many businesses who are looking to contribute to consumer experience through immersive value.

Other uses of technology in the April 2019 tech range include a luxurious wearable that sends out SOS signals when in danger, phone-shaped product displays, and even bacterial-stained glass lighting.

From Connected Laser Tag Toys to In-Store Smart Home Displays: