The FlexPAC III Create an Immersive Workstation from Anywhere

 - Mar 9, 2019
References: acmeportable & gadgetify
The FlexPAC III computer system is a portable solution for professionals that will enable them to set up a multifunctional workspace wherever they are without feeling restricted. The system features three 17.3 inch displays that will enable users to maximize their workflow by keeping track of all pertinent information or run various applications at the same time.

The FlexPAC III PC is capable of supporting a whopping 1TB of RAM, while the storage capabilities can be expanded to accommodate up to 36TB of space. Users can choose between Intel Core, Intel Xeon or AMD Ryzen 7 processors to suit their preferences or needs. Weighing in at 65 pounds, the unit folds down in to a compact form that can be brought just about anywhere.