- May 26, 2019
These May 2019 gadgets range from privacy-ensuring biometric locks to AI-powered canine trackers. Aiming to make everyday life easier and more comfortable for the masses, products like the 'NEMUIX' thin reading light mimic a compact bookmark, ensuring a lit-up page when enjoying a book at night.

Similarly, products like the conceptual 'PULS' calculator by designer Carlos Llaneza aim to make traditional mathematical accessories more fashionable while others like 'Flora,' an AI-powered planter ensure plants are taken care of even when owners are unable to water them.

Additional May 2019 gadgets to note include the multifunctional Logitech Harmony Express remote which is designed to be compatible with most media system. The gadget is also described as a "holistic technology solution" for consumers seeking to streamline their home devices.

From Privacy-Ensuring Biometric Locks to AI-Powered Canine Trackers: