The 'Braille-book' is Designed for Visually Impaired Users

 - Apr 24, 2019
References: yankodesign
The conceptual 'Braille-book' all-in-one PC is a different kind of computer system that aims to address the needs of those with visual impairments for enhanced productivity. Designed by Young Choi, the computer doesn't feature a display and instead features the aesthetic of a wireless keyboard that houses the various components. The braille-integrated display will change according to the command being executed to prompt the user for their input via the keyboard on the upper section.

The conceptual 'Braille-book' all-in-one PC features a built-in speaker to further improve accessibility along with headphone jack for private computer use when out of the house. The system addresses the need for accessible technology solutions and how products can be developed with all users in mind instead of individual demographics.