Starmaya is a Highly Adaptable, "Future-Friendly" Kind of Coffee

 - Apr 17, 2019
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Starmaya coffee is a type of coffee that's described as being crisp and having a "green apple acidity with a buttery shortbread finish." Beyond the interesting flavor profile that it offers, this hybrid coffee variety is identified as a "future-friendly coffee," as it has been engineered to be more resilient to climate change in the years to come.

World Coffee Research (WCR) is on a mission to create next-generation, climate-resilient varieties of coffee that are not only high-quality but also "adaptable to multiple altitudes, high-yielding and disease and pest-resistant." Single O signed with the nonprofit research organization's Checkoff Program, which ultimately supports innovation in coffee agriculture. Additionally, in addition to selling the WCR-developed bean, Single O also creates a conversation around the future of coffee with its No Death to Coffee project.