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Brands thrive for authenticity, making use of self-aware marketing tactics

Implications - The shift from over-the-top marketing campaigns to more subtle forms of print and television ads has become apparent. Particularly with the rise of millennial purchasing power, brands are looking for ways to appear "real" to this consumer segment and self-mockery is becoming a fast track to become relatable to Gen Y. This form of advertising is now moving beyond marketing and beginning to bleed into other areas such as packaging and retail spaces.
5 Featured, 41 Examples:
142,344 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Feb 14 — Dec 14

Featured Examples

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play_circle_filled One-Shot Diorama Ads
One-Shot Diorama Ads
The Welcome to Airbnb Campaign Features a Delightfully Handmade Miniature Set
Energy-Positive Buildings
Energy-Positive Buildings
The EpiCenter Expansion Building Will Generate its Own Electricity
play_circle_filled Celebrity Christmas Commercials
Celebrity Christmas Commercials
Samsung's Christmas Commercial Stars Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd
play_circle_filled Crowdfunding Commercial Spoofs
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Jena Friedman Parodies Sites Like Kickstarter in This Fake Ad
Social Gifting Campaigns
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Tesco's Shopping Social Campaign Suggests Gifts for Twitter Users
Heartwarming Social Campaigns
Heartwarming Social Campaigns
Tim Hortons' Warm Wishes Campaign Encourages Paying It Forward
Shoppable Christmas Commercials
Shoppable Christmas Commercials
This Kate Spade Christmas Ad Stars an Inventive Anna Kendrick
Pop-Up Toy Shops
Pop-Up Toy Shops
Walmart's Holiday Helper Toy Shop Lets Shoppers Test Out the Top Toys
play_circle_filled Christmas Kissing Drones
Christmas Kissing Drones
TGI Fridays UK Gets Couples to Kiss Under the Mistletoe
Fruity Ketchup Packaging
Fruity Ketchup Packaging
This Unique Condiment Container for Ketchup Suggests Freshness
Pangolin-Benefiting Royal Commercials
Pangolin-Benefiting Royal Commercials
This Prince William Ad Encourages People to Play Angry Birds
Whimsical Holiday Ads
Whimsical Holiday Ads
The Latest Tiffany Christmas Campaign Celebrates the Festive Season
Crowdsourced Holiday Songs
Crowdsourced Holiday Songs
Waitrose's Donate Your Voice Campaign Features Vocals from the Public
Festive Popcorn Boxes
Festive Popcorn Boxes
This Fun Christmas Packaging Pops with Holiday Cheer
Glossy Neon Fashion Ads
Glossy Neon Fashion Ads
The Versace Fall 2014 Campaign is Sophisticated and Sensual
Branded Town Advertising
Branded Town Advertising
The Mysterious Bud Light Town Whatever, USA is For Adventurous People
Landmark-Celebrating Posters
Landmark-Celebrating Posters
Ranganath Krishnamani's Illustrations of India Include Monuments
Edible Alphabet Letters
Edible Alphabet Letters
Designer Marmalade Bleue Creates Typography Out of Food
play_circle_filled Self-Conscious Selling
Self-Conscious Selling
Trend Hunter's Courtney Scharf Discusses Industry Mocking Advertising
play_circle_filled Coffee Cup Gardens
Coffee Cup Gardens
The Takeout Coffee Cup Garden Turns Wasteful Cups into Useful Green Spaces
Hipster-Opposing Brew Branding
Hipster-Opposing Brew Branding
This Funny Anti-Hipster Beer Ad Campaign is for Garagista Beer Co.
Optical Illusion Laundry Ads
Optical Illusion Laundry Ads
These Interactive Persil Print Ads Show Stains Magically Disappearing
play_circle_filled Eco Educational Cosmetics Campaigns
Eco Educational Cosmetics Campaigns
Beauty Brand Simple Teaches Costumers About City Skin Care
play_circle_filled Resonating Symphonic Plant Spores
Resonating Symphonic Plant Spores
These Plant Spores Take on Interesting Shapes
Disguised Alcoholic Ads
Disguised Alcoholic Ads
The 'Chocoholics' Campaign Presents Chocolate Milk as Beer and Wine
play_circle_filled Scorching Slo-Mo Matches
Scorching Slo-Mo Matches
This Match Burning in Slow Motion Video is Up Close and Personal
play_circle_filled Bro-Inspired Beer Ads
Bro-Inspired Beer Ads
These Carlton Beer Ads Show What Men Get Up to Together
play_circle_filled Hilarious Anchorman Auto Ads
Hilarious Anchorman Auto Ads
The New Ron Burgundy Dodge Commercials Promote the SUV's Odd Features
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Uplifting Friendship Beer Ads
Guinness Propounds the Virtues of Friendship in its Beer Commercial
play_circle_filled Dramatized Stunt Fashion Ads
Dramatized Stunt Fashion Ads
Kenzo's New Campaign Film 'Cloudbusting' is Dramatized in Slow Motion
Witty Feminist Beer Ads
Witty Feminist Beer Ads
Ads for Rotthammer Beer Comically Promote Gender Equality
Punny Father's Day Beer Ads
Punny Father's Day Beer Ads
The Heineken 'Legendary Dad Jokes' Campaign Showcases Cheesy Jokes
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Mythical Soccer Sniper Ads
Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves a Trail of Defeat in this Nike Vapor Trail Ad
play_circle_filled Produce-Slicing Ninja Videos
Produce-Slicing Ninja Videos
The Real Life Fruit Ninja Brings the Mobile Game to Life
Toast Jacket Beer Ads
Toast Jacket Beer Ads
Carlton Dry's Hello Beer Campaign Uses Dry Humor to Advertise a Dry Lager
play_circle_filled Slow Motion Feline Videos
Slow Motion Feline Videos
National Geographic Releases Cheetahs in Slow Motion
Slow-Motion Headgear
Slow-Motion Headgear
The Decelerator Helmet Allows Wearers to Become Aware of Their Time
Suggestively Silly Superheroes
Suggestively Silly Superheroes
Bobby Rubio Draws Hilarious Renditions of Comic Book Heroes