Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves a Trail of Defeat in this Nike Vapor Trail Ad

 - Jan 21, 2013
References: nike & ibelieveinadv
Cristiano Ronaldo moves at lighting fast speeds which leaves defenders, referees, coaches and riot police all holding on as his gust pushes them downfield in this Nike Vapor Trail commercial.

The ad is another version of the classic over-the-top athlete commercial. The beginning of the commercial is shot in super slow motion as the audience sees people flying through the air and colliding with each other. Mayhem seems to be ensuing as classic Italian music plays in the background. Before long, Cristiano Ronaldo comes into the commercial, alluding defenders and scoring a goal.

The fun of this kind of commercial is that audiences know it is unrealistic, but want to buy into it anyway because it builds the mythic value of the athlete. The kind of Nike Vapor Trail left behind Cristiano Ronaldo isn't authentic, but it is entertaining.