Trend Hunter's Courtney Scharf Discusses Industry Mocking Advertising

 - Jul 4, 2014
One way brands have been making memorable ads is to poke fun at the way their own industry advertises products, making light of cliches through mocking advertising. Trend Hunter Research Advisor and Editor Courtney Scharf talks about some of the funniest examples of self-conscious selling she's seen on the site.

Typically yogurt is targeted towards health and body-conscious females. Powerful Yogurt looks to change this up in their hilarious hunky lumberjack commercial that demonstrates the power of 6-pack abs and goes after the male demographic with their ad. Known for their stunt marketing, LG poked fun at themselves in a recent commercial where an elaborate stunt goes terribly awry. The world of feminine hygiene products is another instance where mocking advertising has taken off, as evidenced with HelloFlo's First Moon Party commercial.