Guinness Propounds the Virtues of Friendship in its Beer Commercial

 - Sep 9, 2013
References: dailypicksandflicks & adrants
As typified by the recent surge of interest in the Paralympics, physical disabilities, while a debilitating impediment, have hardly equated to personal impairment. Irish beer company Guinness has attempted to capitalize on the uplifting nature of overcoming physical disabilities by showcasing an inspirational ad that portrays a group of friends playing wheelchair basketball with a twist – each of them are able to walk, but play in wheelchairs for one friend who is disabled.

The small-sided basketball game depicts a group of committed players who, at first, seem to all be wheelchair basketball players. As the game continues at an intense pace, the narrator utters the words "dedication," "loyalty" and "friendship," before a player scores the game-ending basket. The players, barring one, then remove the straps from their wheelchairs and head for the bar in celebration. "The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character," the narrator says, as the scene cuts to an image of a pint of Guinness with the slogan, "Made of More."