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Empathetical Branding

Brands address the struggles associated with modern life to form bonds

Implications - As consumers grow weary from constantly being sold in the overwhelming marketplace, brands are adopting a more empathetic approach to marketing that shows a sense of compassion for the woes associated with modern life. The tried and true method of marketing a problem before offering a solution is ditched for honesty-focused campaigns that create bonds on a more wholesome level to create a lasting relationship. With a customer base less interested in a fleeting brand than ever, the approach is more in-line with the friendship notion craved by individualistic shoppers.
6 Featured, 50 Examples:
468,699 Total Clicks
Date Range:
May 13 — Nov 15

Featured Examples

Disturbing Gender Inequality Ads
Disturbing Gender Inequality Ads
These Powerful Ads Illustrate Sexist Opinions and Attitudes
UN Women has joined forces with Ogilvy & Mather’s Chrispher Hunt to produce a series of thought-provoking gender inequality ads. Ogilvy & Mather is a company behind many powerful and... MORE
Dying Electronic Ads
Dying Electronic Ads
These E-Waste Recycling Ads Show Keyboards and USBs on Sick Beds, Near Death
As new technology is pumped out at such a rapid pace, there’s also a ton of people tossing out their old cell phones, computers and keyboards—this Homestead India Real Estate ad encourages... MORE
Personal Diary Beauty Ads
Personal Diary Beauty Ads
Dove’s Carbon Paper Commercial is Helping Youths Live Their Dreams
Coming off the heels of its mega successful composite beauty perception sketch campaign, Dove has just released its Carbon Paper ad that sees this natural beauty supporting company getting in touch... MORE
play_circle_filled Reversed Gender Role Films
Reversed Gender Role Films
Oppressed Majority by Eleonore Pourriat Explores an Alternate Reality
Oppressed Majority is a French short film that has recently gone viral. A clever concept, the plot revolves around gender role reversals. It essentially explores an alternate reality in which men... MORE
Female Football Campaigns
Female Football Campaigns
This Campaign Aims to Promote Female Football & Increase Youth Interest
The advertising agency of Adam & Eve/DDB was hired by The Football Association to promote female football participation. The main goal for this campaign is to address the negative stereotypes... MORE
play_circle_filled Realistic Gender Disparity Ads
Realistic Gender Disparity Ads
This Ad Shows That Women on Currency is Only a Symbolic Change
The US Treasury announced that a new ten dollar bill will be in circulation, featuring women on currency. When the announcement was made, names of iconic and prominent women were immediately offered.... MORE

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Related Examples

Gender-Bending Fitness Editorials
Gender-Bending Fitness Editorials
This Issue of Men’s Fitness Australia Features Ronda Rousey
Gender Equality Currencies
Gender Equality Currencies
The New Finnish Notes Feature a Design that Embraces Male and Female
Equality-Promoting Pop-Ups
Equality-Promoting Pop-Ups
This Women's Equality Day Event Celebrates Strong Female Leaders
Celebrity Feminist Newsletters
Celebrity Feminist Newsletters
The Lena Dunham Newsletter For Young Women Will Launch This Fall
play_circle_filled The Importance of Trying
The Importance of Trying
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Feminist Talk Mentions Gender Equality
Gender-Neutral Kids Clothing
Gender-Neutral Kids Clothing
'Muttonhead' Has Unveiled a New Line of Unisex Clothing for Children
Feminist Workplace Reviews
Feminist Workplace Reviews
Crowdsourced Site InHerSight Wants to Eradicate Sexism in the Workplace
Presidential Offspring Covers
Presidential Offspring Covers
This Chelsea Clinton Elle Cover is Elegant and Understated
Athletic Princess Editorials
Athletic Princess Editorials
Ella Jayne Bailey Rocks a Feminized Sporty Spice Look for C-Heads
Satirical Gender Equality Apps
Satirical Gender Equality Apps
This Awareness-Raising Tip App Calculates Lower Tips for Women
Sporty Doll Accessories
Sporty Doll Accessories
Maplelea's Hockey Gear Gets Dolls Safely Suited Up for Sports
play_circle_filled Charitable Donation Boxes
Charitable Donation Boxes
The Salvation Army's Boxes for Goods Represent the Items It Accepts
Tech Leader E-Waste Portraits
Tech Leader E-Waste Portraits
Jason Mecier's Portrait of Steve Jobs is Made from Hardware
play_circle_filled Self-Love Valentine Videos
Self-Love Valentine Videos
'You Are Enough' Celebrates Valentine's Day for Singles
Brazil-Inspired Sportswear
Brazil-Inspired Sportswear
The PUMA Girls of the Blaze Disc Collection is Designed by Solange
play_circle_filled Blindness-Exploring Short Films
Blindness-Exploring Short Films
‘Notes on Blindness’ Sheds Light on the World of Blind
play_circle_filled Self-Image Beauty Films
Self-Image Beauty Films
Dove's Short Film ‘Selfie’ is Set to Debut at The Sundance Fil
play_circle_filled Blurred Mirage-Like Videos
Blurred Mirage-Like Videos
In Motion Takes Long Exposure Shots from Photos and Brings It to Video
play_circle_filled Stop-Motion Clone Films
Stop-Motion Clone Films
Junk Head Brings Clones to Life in This Stop Motion Clone Film
play_circle_filled Paper-Based Optical Illusions
Paper-Based Optical Illusions
Transparency Paper Helps Create Fun Printed Optical Illusions
Internet Ban Documentaries
Internet Ban Documentaries
'No Internet Week' Bans Digital Natives from Using the Internet
play_circle_filled Uplifting Tattoo Artist Videos
Uplifting Tattoo Artist Videos
Mr X Talks About Life, Death & Drugs in This Surreal Short Film
Short Social Film Festivals
Short Social Film Festivals
Vine is Now Conducting Themed Weekly Short Film Festival Challenges
Upcycled Tech Tiles
Upcycled Tech Tiles
Fireclay's Backsplash Tiles Find a New Use for E-Waste
Steamy Basketball Editorials
Steamy Basketball Editorials
The Editorial 'First Religion' Brings Heat to the Outdoor Court
Leisure Laptop Firearms
Leisure Laptop Firearms
Inconspicuously Snipe Your Friends At Work with the Axniper USB
Female-Empowering Street Art
Female-Empowering Street Art
'Stop Telling Women to Smile' Tackles On-Going Street Harassment
play_circle_filled Satrical Women's Rights Videos
Satrical Women's Rights Videos
The Feminist Parody Makeup YouTube Video Spoofs Gender Roles
Patriarchy-Spinning Twitter Accounts
Patriarchy-Spinning Twitter Accounts
These Feminist Taylor Swift Tweets are Empowering
Blunt Gender Equality Ads
Blunt Gender Equality Ads
The Life Foundation Campaign Adresses Asia's Preference for Sons
Equality-Promoting Wines
Equality-Promoting Wines
The 'Homovino' Wine Encourages Equality for All Couples
Desktop Cat Cribs
Desktop Cat Cribs
The iMac Pet Bed Turns is Ideal for Feline-Loving Apple Fans
Guerilla Stunt Webinars
Guerilla Stunt Webinars
Dove Hosted a Q&A Webinar to Take the Audience Behind the Scenes
play_circle_filled Beauty Campaign Parodies
Beauty Campaign Parodies
This Male-Centric Parody of Dove's Real Beauty Campaign is a Hoot
play_circle_filled Touching Beauty Perception Sketches
Touching Beauty Perception Sketches
The Dove Real Beauty Sketches Campaign is Heart-Wrenching
play_circle_filled Anti-Airbrush Guerrilla Marketing
Anti-Airbrush Guerrilla Marketing
The New Part of Dove's Real Beauty Campaign Reverts Photoshoppin
play_circle_filled Sports Uniting Enterprises
Sports Uniting Enterprises
StreetFootballWorld Connects Social Businesses Worldwide Via Soccer
Typist Wine Toppers
Typist Wine Toppers
Caps Lock Bottle Stoppers Make It Easy to 'Esc' from a Night of Boozing
Lovey Dovey Sweeteners
Lovey Dovey Sweeteners
These Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes are the Perfect Saucer-Side Accessory
E-Junk Seats
E-Junk Seats
The 'N + ew: No More Electronic Waste' Project Makes Use of Tech Trash
Manifold Culinary Electronics
Manifold Culinary Electronics
The Domin Digital Kitchen Database is Composed of Scraps
Genderless Glam Editorials
Genderless Glam Editorials
The Andrej Pejic 'Hombre o Mujer?' Editorial Transcends the Sexes
Sleuthy Eco Ads
Sleuthy Eco Ads
IBM Smarter Planet Ads Promote Greener Living Around the Globe
Underprivileged Apparel Ads
Underprivileged Apparel Ads
The Shocking New Ark Mission of India Fashion Campaign
play_circle_filled Empowering Snowboards
Empowering Snowboards
Boards Made for Girls That Shred
Transgendered Tennis Players
Transgendered Tennis Players
Sarah Gronert Sparks a Whole New Gender Dispute in Pro Sports
Abused Women as Dolls
Abused Women as Dolls
Dar Al Amal Public Awareness Ad
Baring All for Women's Rights
Baring All for Women's Rights
GoTopless.Org and National Topless Day
play_circle_filled Commercial Parodies
Commercial Parodies
Russian Mail Order Bride Spoofs Dove Evolution
play_circle_filled Deodorant Viral Inspired by Japanese Puppet Theatre
Deodorant Viral Inspired by Japanese Puppet Theatre
Dove Lighting Bolt of Terror Ad